Searching for “Premises”

  • § 646.153 Authority of appropriate ATF officers to enter business premises.

    Any appropriate ATF officer may enter the business premises of any distributor of cigarettes to inspect the records required by §§ 646.146 through 646.147 or to inspect any cigarettes stored on the premises—

  • § 646.143 Meaning of terms.

    Business premises. When used with respect to a distributor, the property on which the cigarettes are kept or stored. The business premises includes the property where the records of a distributor are kept.

  • § 646.150 Retention of records.

    (a) General. Each distributor of cigarettes shall retain the records required by §§ 646.146 and 646.147 for three years following the close of the year in which the records are made. The distributor shall keep the required records on his business premises.

  • § 646.147 Required information.

    (vi) The license number of the vehicle in which the cigarettes are removed from the distributor's business premises;

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