§ 447.44 Permit denial, revocation or suspension.

  1. a.(a) Import permits under this subpart may be denied, revoked, suspended or revised without prior notice whenever the appropriate ATF officer finds the proposed importation to be inconsistent with the purpose or in violation of section 38, Arms Export Control Act of 1976 or the regulations in this part.

  2. b.(b) Whenever, after appropriate consideration, a permit application is denied or an outstanding permit is revoked, suspended, or revised, the applicant or permittee shall be promptly advised in writing of the appropriate ATF officer's decision and the reasons therefor.

  3. c.(c) Upon written request made within 30 days after receipt of an adverse decision, the applicant or permittee shall be accorded an opportunity to present additional information and to have a full review of his case by the appropriate ATF officer.

  4. d.(d) Unused, expired, suspended, or revoked permits must be returned immediately to the appropriate ATF officer.