§ 555.121 General.

    1. 1.(1) Licensees and permittees shall keep records pertaining to explosive materials in permanent form (i.e., commercial invoices, record books) and in the manner required in this subpart.

    2. 2.(2) Licensees and permittees shall keep records required by this part on the business premises for five years from the date a transaction occurs or until discontinuance of business or operations by the licensee or permittee. (See also § 555.128 for discontinuance of business or operations.)

  1. b.(b) ATF officers may enter the premises of any licensee or holder of a user permit for the purpose of examining or inspecting any record or document required by or obtained under this part (see § 555.24). Section 843(f) of the Act requires licensees and holders of user permits to make all required records available for examination or inspection at all reasonable times. Section 843(f) of the Act also requires licensees and permittees (including holders of limited permits) to submit all reports and information relating to all required records and their contents, as the regulations in this part prescribe.

  2. c.(c) Each licensee and permittee shall maintain all records of importation, production, shipment, receipt, sale, or other disposition, whether temporary or permanent, of explosive materials as the regulations in this part prescribe. Sections 842(f) and 842(g) of the Act make it unlawful for any licensee or permittee knowingly to make any false entry in, or fail to make entry in, any record required to be kept under the Act and the regulations in this part.