§ 555.215 Housekeeping.

Magazines are to be kept clean, dry, and free of grit, paper, empty packages and containers, and rubbish. Floors are to be regularly swept. Brooms and other utensils used in the cleaning and maintenance of magazines must have no spark-producing metal parts, and may be kept in magazines. Floors stained by leakage from explosive materials are to be cleaned according to instructions of the explosives manufacturer. When any explosive material has deteriorated it is to be destroyed in accordance with the advice or instructions of the manufacturer. The area surrounding magazines is to be kept clear of rubbish, brush, dry grass, or trees (except live trees more than 10 feet tall), for not less than 25 feet in all directions. Volatile materials are to be kept a distance of not less than 50 feet from outdoor magazines. Living foliage which is used to stabilize the earthen covering of a magazine need not be removed.