§ 555.49 Issuance of license or permit.

  1. a.(a) [Reserved]

  2. b.(b) Issuance of license or permit on and after May 24, 2003.

    1. 1.(1) The Chief, Federal Explosives Licensing Center, will issue a license or permit if:

      1. i.(i) A properly executed application for the license or permit is received; and

      2. ii.(ii) Through further inquiry or investigation, or otherwise, it is found that the applicant is entitled to the license or permit.

    2. 2.(2) The Chief, Federal Explosives Licensing Center, will approve a properly executed application for a license or permit, if:

      1. i.(i) The applicant (or, if the applicant is a corporation, partnership, or association, each responsible person with respect to the applicant) is not a person described in any paragraph of section 842(i) of the Act;

      2. ii.(ii) The applicant has not willfully violated any provisions of the Act or this part;

      3. iii.(iii) The applicant has not knowingly withheld information or has not made any false or fictitious statement intended or likely to deceive, in connection with his application;

      4. iv.(iv) The applicant has in a State, premises from which he conducts business or operations subject to license or permit under the Act or from which he intends to conduct business or operations;

      5. v.(v) The applicant has storage for the class (as described in § 555.202) of explosive materials described on the application;

      6. vi.(vi) The applicant has certified in writing that he is familiar with and understands all published State laws and local ordinances relating to explosive materials for the location in which he intends to do business;

      7. vii.(vii) The applicant for a license has submitted the certificate required by section 21 of the Federal Water Pollution Control Act, as amended (33 U.S.C. 1341);

      8. viii.(viii) None of the employees of the applicant who will be authorized by the applicant to possess explosive materials is a person described in any paragraph of section 842(i) of the Act; and

      9. ix.(ix) In the case of an applicant for a limited permit, the applicant has certified in writing that the applicant will not receive explosive materials on more than 6 separate occasions during the 12-month period for which the limited permit is valid.

    3. 3.(3) The Chief, Federal Explosives Licensing Center, will approve or the Director, Industry Operations will deny any application for a license or permit within the 90-day period beginning on the date a properly executed application was received. However, when an applicant for license or permit renewal is a person who is, under the provisions of § 555.83 or § 555.142, conducting business or operations under a previously issued license or permit, action regarding the application will be held in abeyance pending the completion of the proceedings against the applicant's existing license or permit, or renewal application, or final action by the Director on an application for relief submitted under § 555.142, as the case may be.

    4. 4.(4) The license or permit and one copy will be forwarded to the applicant, except that in the case of a user-limited permit, the original only will be issued.

    5. 5.(5) Each license or permit will bear a serial number and this number may be assigned to the licensee or permittee to whom issued for as long as he maintains continuity of renewal in the same region.