§ 771.25 Communications and pleadings.

  1. a.(a) All communications to the Government regarding the procedures set forth in this part and all pleadings, such as answers, motions, requests, or other papers or documents required or permitted to be filed under this part, relating to a proceeding pending before an administrative law judge, shall be addressed to the administrative law judge at his post of duty and the Attorney for the Government. Communications concerning proceedings not pending before an administrative law judge should be addressed to the Director of Industry Operations or Director, as the case may be.

  2. b.(b) Except to the extent required for the disposition of ex parte matters as authorized by law, no ex parte communications shall be made to or from the administrative law judge concerning the merits of the adjudication. If the administrative law judge receives or makes an ex parte communication not authorized by law, the administrative law judge shall place on the record of the proceeding:

    1. 1.(1) All such written communications;

    2. 2.(2) Memoranda stating the substance of all such oral communications; and

    3. 3.(3) All written responses and memoranda stating the substance of all oral responses to paragraphs (b)(1) and (2) of this section.