§ 478.122 Records maintained by importers.

  1. a.(a) Each licensed importer shall, within 15 days of the date of importation or other acquisition, record the type, model, caliber or gauge, manufacturer, country of manufacture, and the serial number of each firearm imported or otherwise acquired, and the date such importation or other acquisition was made.

  2. b.(b) A record of firearms disposed of by a licensed importer to another licensee and a separate record of armor piercing ammunition dispositions to governmental entities, for exportation, or for testing or experimentation authorized under the provisions of § 478.149 shall be maintained by the licensed importer on the licensed premises. For firearms, the record shall show the quantity, type, manufacturer, country of manufacture, caliber or gauge, model, serial number of the firearms so transferred, the name and license number of the licensee to whom the firearms were transferred, and the date of the transaction. For armor piercing ammunition, the record shall show the date of the transaction, manufacturer, caliber or gauge, quantity of projectiles, and the name and address of the purchaser. The information required by this paragraph shall be entered in the proper record book not later than the seventh day following the date of the transaction, and such information shall be recorded under the following formats:

    1. Importer's Firearms Disposition Record
      Quantity Type Manufacturer Country of manufacture Caliber or gauge Model Serial No. Name and license No. of licensee to whom transferred Date of the transaction

    2. Importer's Armor Piercing Ammunition Disposition Record
      Date Manufacturer Calibur or gauge Quantity of projectiles Purchaser—Name and address

  3. c.(c) Notwithstanding the provisions of paragraph (b) of this section, the Director of Industry Operations may authorize alternate records to be maintained by a licensed importer to record the disposal of firearms and armor piercing ammunition when it is shown by the licensed importer that such alternate records will accurately and readily disclose the information required by paragraph (b) of this section. A licensed importer who proposes to use alternate records shall submit a letter application, in duplicate, to the Director of Industry Operations and shall describe the proposed alternate records and the need therefor. Such alternate records shall not be employed by the licensed importer until approval in such regard is received from the Director of Industry Operations.

  4. d.(d) Each licensed importer shall maintain separate records of the sales or other dispositions made of firearms to nonlicensees. Such records shall be maintained in the form and manner as prescribed by §§ 478.124 and 478.125 in regard to firearms transaction records and records of acquisition and disposition of firearms.