§ 478.149 Armor piercing ammunition manufactured or imported for the purpose of testing or experimentation.

The provisions of §§ 478.37 and 478.99(d) with respect to the manufacture or importation of armor piercing ammunition and the sale or delivery of armor piercing ammunition by manufacturers and importers shall not apply to the manufacture, importation, sale or delivery of armor piercing ammunition for the purpose of testing or experimentation as authorized by the Director. A person desiring such authorization to receive armor piercing ammunition shall submit a letter application, in duplicate, to the Director. Such application shall contain the name and addresses of the persons directing or controlling, directly or indirectly, the policies and management of the applicant, the nature or purpose of the testing or experimentation, a description of the armor piercing ammunition to be received, and the identity of the manufacturer or importer from whom such ammunition is to be received. The approved application shall be submitted to the manufacturer or importer who shall retain a copy as part of the records required by subpart H of this part.