§ 478.52 Change of address.

  1. a.(a) Licensees may during the term of their current license remove their business or activity to a new location at which they intend regularly to carry on such business or activity by filing an Application for an Amended Federal Firearms License, ATF Form 5300.38, in duplicate, not less than 30 days prior to such removal with the Chief, National Licensing Center. The ATF Form 5300.38 shall be completed in accordance with the instructions on the form. The application must be executed under the penalties of perjury and penalties imposed by 18 U.S.C. 924. The application shall be accompanied by the licensee's original license. The Chief, National Licensing Center, may, in writing, require the applicant for an amended license to also file completed ATF Form 7 or ATF Form 7CR, or portions thereof, in the manner required by § 478.44.

  2. b.(b) Upon receipt of a properly executed application for an amended license, the Chief, National Licensing Center, shall, upon finding through further inquiry or investigation, or otherwise, that the applicant is qualified at the new location, issue the amended license, and return it to the applicant. The license shall be valid for the remainder of the term of the original license. The Chief, National Licensing Center, shall, if the applicant is not qualified, refer the application for amended license to the Director of Industry Operations for denial in accordance with § 478.71.