§ 555.104 Certified copy of license or permit.

Except as provided in § 555.49(a), each person issued a license or permit under this part shall be furnished together with his license or permit a copy for his certification. If a person desires an additional copy of his license or permit for certification and for use under § 555.103, he shall:

  1. a.(a) Make a reproduction of the copy of his license or permit and execute the certification on it;

  2. b.(b) Make a reproduction of his license or permit, enter on the reproduction the statement: “I certify that this is a true copy of a (insert the word license or permit) issued to me to engage in the specified business or operations”, and sign his name next to the statement; or

  3. c.(c) Submit a request, in writing, for certified copies of his license or permit to the Chief, Federal Explosives Licensing Center. The request will show the name, trade name (if any), and address of the licensee or permittee and the number of copies of the license or permit desired. There is a fee of $1 for each copy of a license or permit issued by the Chief, Federal Explosives Licensing Center under this paragraph. Fee payment must accompany each request for additional copies of a license or permit. The fee must be paid by (1) cash, or (2) money order or check made payable to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives.