§ 555.74 Denial of renewal application or revocation of license or permit.

If following the opportunity for compliance under § 555.71, or without opportunity for compliance under § 555.71, as circumstances warrant, the Director, Industry Operations finds that the licensee or permittee is not likely to comply with the law or regulations or is otherwise not eligible to continue operations authorized under his license or permit, the Director, Industry Operations shall issue a notice of denial of the renewal application or revocation of the license or permit, ATF F 5400.11 or ATF F 5400.10, as appropriate. In either case, the notice will set forth the matters of fact constituting the violations specified, dates, places, and the sections of law and regulations violated. The notice will, in the case of revocation of a license or permit, specify the date on which the action is effective, which date will be on or after the date the notice is served on the licensee or permittee. The notice will also advise the licensee or permittee that he may, within 15 days after receipt of the notice, request a hearing and, if applicable, a stay of the effective date of the revocation of his license or permit.